domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

De Ana, mi hija, para su abuelo.

I was walking alone down Palma street when I ran into my grandfather Humberto Pérez Cáceres. He invited me to have a snack at Lido’s bar an have a conversation because it had been a long time since the last time I have seen him. When we got to the bar and after we ordered our snacks, I asked my grandfather if he could tell me again why he was called the father of the modern journalism in Paraguay.
As modest as he was, he said he did not considered himself with that title. He said “I just wanted my country to be at the same or over the level of the others Latin countries”.
Then, he told me how he found out about newspaper’s machines and how he got into contact with Zuccolillo. But, the most amazing and my favourite part of the story, was how he trained the future staff of abc newspaper and that one of the young soldiers let` say, caught his attention. This young man, was Helio Vera. My grandfather said that he new from the beginning that Helio Vera was going was to succeed in journalism. Fortunately , he was right. When Helio`s subject was finished, the story, the story of abc foundation came to its end too and my grandfather said that he could also predict my future. But, when he was going to tell me his prediction, I was suddenly sitting at my desk in my house with several books of famous writers in front of me. After a couple of minutes I realized that I dreamed what I always wanted to, to be told the story of may grandfather by himself.

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